Hotel Don Andres, Sosúa Dominican Republic
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Welcome to hotel & apartment Don Andres in Sosua, Dominican Republic

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Welcome to Hotel Don Andres!

Hotel Don Andres in Sosua (Dominican Republic) is a small-scale hotel where personal attention and a cosy atmosphere are of the highest priority

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Welkom bij hotel Don Andres!

Hotel Don Andres in Sosua (Dominicaanse Republiek) is een kleinschalig hotel waar persoonlijke aandacht en een gezellige sfeer voorop staan.

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Wilkommen beim Hotel Don Andres!

Hotel Don Andres Sosua (Dominikanische Republik) ist ein kleines Hotel mit persönlicher Aufmerksamkeit und vor einer gemütlichen Atmosphäre stehen.

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Bienvenido al hotel Don Andres!

Hotel Don Andrés Sosúa (República Dominicana) es un pequeño hotel donde la atención personal y de pie delante de un ambiente acogedor. Haga clic en el botón de abajo para ir a la página web española

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Hotel / apartment Don Andres in a nutshell

  • Swimming pool

    All rooms are in the proximity of our swimming pool. There are always enough chairs and sunloungers around the pool, so you can enjoy your sun vacation in peace. A snack or a drink is always near, and will naturally be brought to you. Now, if that isn't 'chilling'!

  • Luxury studio

    Our studios are recently renovated and fully equipped. All the rooms are provided with a silent airconditioner, (extra) wide beds and contemporary bathrooms. All rooms are visited daily by our cleaners, so that you can optimally enjoy your stay at Don Andres.

  • The cosy beach of Sosúa

    The beach of Sosúa is a combination of all that is good in the Caribbean. Beautiful white-yellow beaches, palm trees, cosy bars, restaurants, and shops. An ideal place where you can truly feel like you're on vacation!

  • Our kitchen team

    Tino's restaurant kitchen team is available all day to provide breakfast, lunch, dinner or delicious snacks. These are all prepared according to original recipes and maintain (food safe) western standards.

  • Bar & restaurant

    Enjoy our Dominican hospitality from the early morning until deep into the night. We offer a wide variety of local and international drinks and dishes.

  • Aerial tramway Puerto Plata

    In the nearby Puerto Plata, you will find an aerial tramway (the Teleférico) to the top of the mountain named 'Isabel de Torres'. From there, you have a beautiful view of Puerto Plata and Sosúa, but also of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding tropical forest. On top of that, you will find a big statue of Christ and a botanical garden at the peak.

  • Dutch hospitality

    The Dutch / Flemish management and employees of Don Andres guarantee a hospitable service and quality. Of course, we would love to have you visit us again!

  • Tropical beaches and snorkeling

    The beaches on the north side of the Dominican Republic are renowned for their beauty. Not only on the surface, but underneath the surface as well!

  • Bar-team

    Our employees guarantee a cosy evening in our bar (and restaurant). Your drinks are prepared and served according to local tradition.

The weather in Numbers (Sosúa)



Average maximum day temperature

 The maximum day temperature varies between 28°C (in January) and 33°C (the months June until October). The yearly average temperature is 28° C.


Average hours of sun a day

The Dominican Republic has a tropical forest climate with a chilly ocean wind, and the occasional cloud and (small) rain shower.


Average temperature of the sea water

The sea water temperature is delightfully warm throughout the year, and varies between 26°C (January until April) and ca. 29°C (August to October)

Hotel Don Andres would love to be your temporary ‘home’ in the Dominican Republic!
  • Playa Caleton Rio san Juan
    Playa Calenton Rio San Juan
  • sosua city
  • Snorkelen, snorkeling, snorkeln in Sosua
  • Plantación La Jagua Cabarete
    'La Jagua'
  • Puerto Plata
    Puerto Plata
  • En la 'jungla' está situado entre Sosúa y Cabarete 'Mono Jungle '. Un zoológico y la iniciativa de 'The Leon-Laroche Clínicas'
    'Monkey Jungle'
  • Sosua beach
    Sosúa beach
  • Girl in pool
  • Fortaleza San Felipe Puerto Plata
  • Streetlife Puerto Plata
  • Zoo Cabareta
  • Sosua beach
    Sosua strand
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  • Puerto Plata
  • Monkey Jungle
    Sosua - Cabarete
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