Hotel Don Andres, Sosúa & surroundings (attractions)
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Sosúa and surroundings

Don Andres, the ideal base for Sosúa and surroundings

Sightseeing in the area of Hotel Don Andres

  • Teleférico Puerto Plata

    The only aerial tramway in the Caribbean takes you to the peak of the “Isabel de Torres”. The “Isabel de Torres” is south of Puerto Plata and offers an amazing view of the city, the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding forest. The aerial tramway was built by the Italian firm Ceretti e Tanfani and used since 1975.

  • El Cristo Redentor

    In 1970, a big statue of Christ was built on the peak of mountain “Isabel de Torres”. The Teleferico takes you to this statue of Christ.

  • Fortaleza San Felipe

    Fortaleza San Felipe is a historical Spanish fort that was built at the haven of Puerto Plata to protect the city, and dates back to 1577. Currently, a historical museum is settled in the fort.

  • Sosúa beach

    The beach of Sosúa has everything you're looking for: an amazing sand beach with (palm) trees, bars, restaurants, shops, and a coral reef at swimming distance. In short: the perfect place for a beach holiday!

  • The real life

    Hotel Don Andres is not a resort, but is situated in the middle of the active life of Sosúa and the Dominican Republic. Feel and experience it!

  • Cigar factories

    In the area you will find many small-scale cigar factories. Small entrepeneurs fabricate top quality cigars here, and like to show you this authentic craftsmanship.

  • Local beaches

    Visit the most beautiful local beaches, where the Dominicans themselves pass their free time with friends and family. The photo shows the beach Playa Calenton at Rio San Juan.

  • Monkey Jungle and ZIP-line adventures

    In the 'jungle' between Sosúa and Cabarete is 'Monkey Jungle'. A zoo and initiative of 'The Leon-Laroche Clinics'.

  • Sunbathing

    The climate and area make Sosúa thé perfect place to enjoy the Caribbean sun. Sun, beach, sea, drink, food, coral reef... simply perfect!

  • Punta Rusia

    Thé perfect place to enjoy the area above ánd below the surface. Punta Rusia is the perfect snorkeling place and is a 2.5 hour drive or 30 minute boat trip away from Hotel Don Andres.

  • The Dudu Blue Lagoon, Cabrera

    The DuDu Blue Lagoon at Cabrera, 2 beautiful clear blue lakes that can be swum in.

  • Samana Beach

    Samana is a peninsula situated in the east of the Dominican Republic. A visit to Samana is usually combined with a visit to Cayo Levantado. Cayo Levantado is one square kilometer big and is sometimes nicknamed the Bacardi island.

  • Visit Brugal's rum factory

    Visit the factory where the authentic Brugal rum is produced and bottled. Don Andres, whom the hotel is named after, is the founder of this factory.

  • Snorkeling

    The reef at the beach of Sosúa is a paradise for snorkelers. The reef of Sosúa is circa 50 meters away from the beach.

  • Sosúa, the village

    The village Sosúa is long known for its night life. This is still an important attraction, but Sosúa is worth a visit during the day as well!

  • The local Zoo (Cabarete)

    In the nearby Carbarete, there is a small-scale zoo where you can find a variety of tropical animals (such as crocodiles and iguanas). The animals can be observed and sometimes even held.

  • Explore the area

    Take the local mode of transport (the 'Guagua') and ride through the area. Guaguas are small minibuses which follow the trajectory of (i.a.) the trail Puerto Plata – Rio San Juan.

  • Plantation 'La Jagua'

    Between Cabarete and Rio San Juan is plantation 'La Jagua'. On this plantation, you will find a variety of tropical crops such as cacao-, banana-, carambole- & palm trees and pineapple-, coffee- & tabaccoplants. The products that are harvested from the different fruits can be tasted in a tasting.

Sosúa and area



The village Sosúa is a municipality on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, roughly 20 kilometers east from Puerto Plata on the Atlantic Coast. The city was founded in 1940 by Jewish refugees. This Jewish origin is still visible in the crest. More about this theme can be found in the local Jewish Museum. Read more about the history of Sosúa on

The municipality consists of three districts (distrito municipal): Cabarete, Sabaneta de Yásica and Sosúa.

Hispaniola and the Dominicaanse Republiek

Dominican Republic on globe - Dominicaanse rebubliek op wereldbol

The country

The Dominican Republic creates, together with Haïti, the island Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic takes up roughly two-thirds of the surface. The surface of the Dominican Republic is 48.671 km².

The inhibitants

With 10,7 million inhabitants (2016), the country is significally less dense than the Netherlands. Roughly three quarters of the inhabitants is a mixture of people with European, Indian and African ancestry. Around sixteen percent of the Dominicans are of white European, especially Spanish, ancestry, and eleven percent of black African ancestry. 95% of the inhabitants is Roman Catholic.

Landmark Dominican Republic with flag
  • Sosua street
  • Cabarete Dominicaanse Rebubliek
  • Plantación La Jagua Cabarete
    'La Jagua'
  • Playa Caleton Rio san Juan
    'Playa Calenton Rio San Juan'
  • Mono Jungle Sosua Cabarete
    'Monkey Jungle', Sosua
  • San Juan Dominican Reublic
    Don San Juan
  • Snorkelen, snorkeling, snorkeln in Sosua
  • Sosua beach
    Sosúa beach
  • Fortaleza San Felipe Puerto Plata
    Fortaleza San Felipe
  • Streetlife Puerto Plata
  • Zoo Cabareta
  • Sosua beach
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  • Puerto Plata
  • Monkey Jungle
    Sosua - Cabarete
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